Why Don't Kids Clothes Have Pockets? | Audio Blog 2 | Learning toys for toddlers 3-7+| 6.23.23



Steffani Smith here, founder of Cornerstone Fundamentals! My purpose for these audio blogs are to provide a fresh perspective from my experience teaching, guiding and caring for young children. My conversational topics are evidence based, which highlight my suggested approaches and support a cause to pause on topics of interest. Happy you're taking a moment and a listen.

I came across an article Reese Witherspoon had hashtagged #Girls Deserve Pockets, which was interesting as it was shining light and educating the public on the, unassuming ways that women and even children lack functional pockets in their clothing. Years ago, it was purposeful why women and young children's clothing  did not have pockets. The real rationale was that men were the ones the handling most of the financials and holding the money. Typically, any kind of tools and things of that nature were considered utilitarian, and that would be done by a paid worker or a man and women were to be doing work in the house assisting with cooking and childcare. Young children were really only to be assisting if they were asked. This aspect has certainly trickled into the present day and I think Reese Witherspoon is trying to shine light on that. It's kind of a domino effect and I'm here to say hey look around, there are other things underneath the surface at play and without much change.

My true reason and passion behind the design and the product is simply to enable and and elevate our young children to have the will, the want and see the purpose for responsibility, ownership and self-care. So I wanted to provide a description about the design aspect of the Stocket Pocket and why it is just such a wonderfully intentional product to buy for your children. Typically ages 3 through 7+. Some of the merits that it has are somethings that you'd want to introduce to children at a younger age. When teaching young children it is a lot of doing less wording in explaining and much more emphasis on physical example and daily, routinely showing and doing. This product will model a more functional pocket that a child typically would not have. But stays in place much better than a fanny pack or waist/belt bag. If you have children, you probably already know this or can investigate. The ones that are there are typically fake. They're not functional or just too small. This tried and tested product is created to attach to any type of clothing, typically leggings  and/ or elastic waisted children's clothing.

Stocket Pockets gently clips tight enough to wear it stays in place until you release the latch, so this is wonderful for when kids are playing when you're going on walks, field trips. The clips are plastic, and helps, so it doesn't retain any heat, especially for sunny car rides. As you'll notice there are no zippers. And in place velcro to help for dexterity purposes.. When the pocket is on, it’s mimicking an actual pocket. Typically clothing pockets do not have zippers or have snaps. It should be easily accessed, but with kids running and playing having some sort of closure was important.

A couple other pieces about the design, the back of the pocket which would be positioned, body side down so it would not be viewable when clipped on is of a clear vinyl covering that can slide in the emergency cards, allergy and emergency number information cards and is water resistant. Also there is a clip inside of the pocket that can clip on an access card for a play area, 

little treasures, location safety tracker or even some medical necessities such as an inhaler or any other item that can not come out of a pocket. Some of these types of pockets are made with a poly material, which emulates wet suit material. A scuba type knit, it's stretchy, very light, and semi water resistant. So all of these current aspects really can go hand in hand with our little ones and paired with colorful patterns, they are all quite pleasing.All Stocket Pockets come with Kleenex tissue, band-aids,a couple little toys, note pad and a little twist crayon to prove the concept of how wonderful it is to have a pocket that enables responsibility and self help, overall wellness being a good community member and just overall safety.

 Initially the concept was for tissue training since with most children if something is out of sight its out of mind. If they can't actually practice it themselves, they will continue to rely on a parent or someone to help them. So that's how this idea was born - out of necessity. This enables your little one to feel empowered to have the necessities and needs for themselves, a friend. Also, a place they can stow their little treasures. This enables communication and connection. They have a place that they can put rocks and little things they find and it's not in their clothing items, so it doesn't get lost in the washer or dryer. This is something they can keep in their wonderful pocket and then you can place it in an outdoor bin at your home or somewhere, so they can stow these treasures as this is a children's jackpot. When they find something just wonderful, if it's a natural object, you can jump right in and have those expected moments and really let your little one know that you care and are taking in the view that they are. As adults, sometimes we can get so far from those aspects and enabling your child to enjoy that and to champion that is just such a great thing!

Please send me any information if you have any questions or have certain patterns that you would like to see your colorations. Yeah, reach out. I'd love to answer any questions you may have. Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you enjoy.My products and purchase a stock of