Organizing & Advising Services

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" My Mission "

To refresh, enhance and maintain mindful organization for your children's play spaces. Based on your current space & goals, your children's needs & milestones along with your family lifestyle.


 " Benefits & Lasting Results "

Safety and independence, supporting focused play and modeling easier clean up approaches ALL children can take part in! 

Better cognitive support, a safe & accessible learning environment for children aged 2-8+.


" With Pride "

I bring 12+ years of combined educational & professional experience in organizing & administering early learning guided play approaches, introducing the best fit educational toy/activities options per age/level and strengthening existing home support systems.




 Clean, refresh & purge: 

Old playdoh, dried markers & paints, broken and or items in need of batteries, small item organization; legos, puzzles, craft & bead sets, organize craft items; stickers, glue, paper, etc, clean storage containers. 

Upcycle current items for storage use as well as:

 Provide my recommended organizing lists via Amazon - for additional support storage and suggestions - from small to more deep dive space projects. 

  Create personalized play space rotation plans:

 With recommended age/level timelines for activities, toys and access suggestions. 

 Providing toys and age-level activity milestone lists:

 This ensures age-level appropriate toy, book and activity options are available and rotated in/out (including moving items to be within reach based on age/level, ensuring safe independent play.




✅ Insured - Industry Professional

Organizing & Maintenance Planning 

Attention to current needs and support for maintaining through growth milestones. 

✅ Reviewing placement and space safety:

Based on children's ages & milestones

Provide consult services for DIY'ers:

To create a maintenance plan for a current space in need of space & toy rotation & declutter plans, safety check lists, to minimizing future clutter build up, loss of engagement, more clean up participation and safe independent play set ups based on children's ages & levels.

✅ Organization, Rotation & Maintenance Services: 

Ranging to best fit each client and their families needs. From declutter, light organizing and implementing an existing toy & space rotation (to) creating a new toy & space rotation & plan based on age and levels along with safe access checks and maintenance plans with timelines (to) a deep drive with 2-3 rooms and/or 4 or more children in need of space and toy rotation services & plan as well as additional playroom accessories.   


Prices & Packages







Initial Consult Questions 

Questions I’ll review to best help me support you with your goals & space needs: 

  1. Motivation for your call & and current play space?
  2. Goals for your current/future play space
  3. Size of your play space(s)?
  4. How many children & their ages?
  5. What are the children’s play interests? (i.e; crafting, pretend play, building, dolls/action figures/animals, games, books/puzzles), practical life play (kitchen, play house, presents job), sensory play options
  6. Can they/do they play in their current play space for these activities and play?
  7. Do you have books/reading options displayed/accessible?
  8. Current storage/containers for play space items? (Are they clear or solid colors and open or closed bins? Are most toys within sight?
  9. Does you play space feel too busy, and a constant need to tidy? Or very tidy and minimal items/toys able to access?
  10. Does your children play independently? Do they need assistance or prefer more 1x1 play?
  11. Do you have a toy and/or space rotation plan?
  12. What is your tidy up process on a typical day? Do the children help with this?
  13. Do you have designated places or ‘zones’) for crafts, water play, puzzles or building, pretend play?
  14. Is your play space in need of a refresh of supplies (purge old, used up: markers, crayons, play doh, sticker sheets, papers) are all items in working conditions and have batteries? Are some items/books/learning materials ‘aging out’ past your child’s current needs/level?