Founder, Early Learning Advisor & Organizer

Professional San Diego Organizer, Steffani Smith

Warm Welcomes!

  As Founder of Cornerstone FUNdamentals my goal has been to reach and enable even more families and caregivers to help provide their children with supportive learning environments, toys that teach and learning FUNdamental guidelines through play!

My Purpose & Experience

    • I am proud to have 12+ collective years of rewarding experience guiding and teaching children in early childhood development phases. Additionally 15+ years within project managing, training and leading in various health and wellness channels.
      My cornerstone has centered on researched based best practices to support children's day to day learning and their developing emotional wellbeing. Creating and maintaining healthy bridged transitions for children's different environments has been a key factor. I have had the best of outcomes by teaching with a play based approach, while using authentic, age appropriate communication and critical patience to guide during key learning and developing phases. Passing these elements along to a broader audience has been an imperative step personally and professionally.
    • I carry a wealth of professional experience in relatable sectors; program and client management within health care programs and alternative health fields, combined with my educational course work within youth programs and early childhood development.


    • I was raised in Columbus, OH where I cherished and created fond early memories. A love for nature, experimenting and creating, was fortunate to have parents who encouraged creating and playing outdoors with my younger sister. Forever grateful for a supporting & resourceful mother who was a first/second grade school teacher. My father who worked professionally supporting state run programs as well as passing on his creative and musical influences along the way. Needless to say patience, a love of learning, teaching and creating has been a natural draw and drive! Which in turn shown light on my passion and chosen path into supporting young children and their families during early learning and developing stages. 
    • I love San Diego (CA) and take pride in my chosen city & home. I feel so fortunate to have access to its vast and various natural landscapes! I truly love all things outdoors! For a good balance and break, when I’m not creating or researching all things children, you can find me sea side, enjoying the day to day with my wonderful guy, running, biking, paddle boarding and a favorite, wake surfing!
    • I truly thrive when I know I am making a positive impact and impression within my friendships, family and community. My mantra is to “strive to be the change I want to see & be in the world!”
      Would love to hear from you and thank you for your interest!

      With much gratitude, 

      Steffani Smith ~ Founder